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Stephanie Gilbertson-White, PhD, APRN

Assistant Professor

University of Iowa

Grant Year
Grant Term
Grant Type
Junior Faculty Career Development

Project Description
Use of Telehealth Technologies for Symptom Management Support for People with Advanced Cancer Living in Rural Communities

The long term goal of this research is to improve control of physical and emotional symptoms in people with advanced cancer living in rural communities. The purpose of this junior faculty career development award is to obtain the necessary training and experience to become an independent palliative care investigator. The career development plan focuses on achieving three goals: 1) to develop expertise in the use of eHealth interventions and rural communities; 2) to conduct clinical trials of behavioral interventions in palliative care populations; and 3) to be an independent investigator in the area of eHealth and multi-symptom management. The purpose of the research plan is to evaluate a symptom self-management intervention titled OASIS (i.e., Oncology Associated Symptoms and Individualized Strategies) with patients living in rural Iowa receiving treatment for advanced cancer. The specific aims are: 1) to evaluate the feasibility of the OASIS intervention to self-manage symptoms of rural patients with advanced cancer, including a) recruitment and retention, b) use patterns, c) usability of each component of the intervention (i.e., the e-visit platform and the web-application), d) acceptability of the intervention and study (i.e., satisfaction, barriers and facilitators to use, burden); and 2) to determine preliminary effects of the intervention on self-management behaviors and symptom severity, distress, and interference. To achieve the career development goals, a comprehensive training plan has been developed with the guidance and support of an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers. The plan includes one-on-one mentorship, coursework/workshops, research consultation, and conference attendance. Preliminary data generated through this project will directly support a NIH/NINR R-grant or American Cancer Society Research Scholars Grant application to test the efficacy of the intervention.


Stephanie Gilbertson-White PhD, APRN is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at University of Iowa. Her work focuses on managing physical and emotional symptoms associated with advanced cancer. She is interested in both 1) identifying patients most likely to develop distressing symptoms and 2) improving how patients can self-manage their symptoms in order to decrease symptom interference with life. She is especially interested in using eHealth interventions to help patients living in rural areas.

 In addition, Dr. Gilbertson-White provides clinical care as an advanced practice nurse to patients with advanced cancer in the palliative care clinic at University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and teaches in the graduate and undergraduate nursing programs at the University of Iowa. She is a member of the Hospice and Palliative Nursing Association, the Palliative Care Research Cooperative and will be serving on the AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly Scientific review committee for the next 2 years.